How to Set Up Australian Carriers


This document will outline how to setup the following Australian carriers:

  1. Australian Post/eParcel
  2. Fastway
  3. StarTrack


Follow these directions to obtain/set-up the necessary credentials and add Australian Carriers in ShipperHQ.

Register for Australia Post Carrier Credentials

  1. Go to the Australia Post Developer Centre, create an account and register for the Shipping and Tracking APIs
  2. Once you receive an API invitation email, you will be required to accept the invitation, including the Terms and Conditions
  3. Log into the Developer Centre
  4. Create a new project, choose your charge account and assign it to the project. This will allow you to create API keys and will automatically link to your Australia Post Account
  5. Create an API key on the API Access page and then go to the services page to enable the services you want to use

Register for Fastway Carrier Credentials

  1. Register here for your Fastway API Key
  2. Create a Fastway account by contacting a local Fastway sales representative
  3. Once approved Fastway will provide you with a Production username and API key

Register for StarTrack

  1. Reach out to Star Track to set up an account with a representative. Use the email template below.
  2. If you have an account and want to use online services you must already be a Star Track Express account holding customer.

Email Startrack to Request API Registration

In some cases, you may need to email Startrack to Request API registration. If this is the case, please use the below format:


Subject line: StarTrack IT Request – ShipperHQ – <YourCompanyName> – StarTrackAccount

Body: Attn: StarTrack Customer IT Service Desk / eBusiness team,

  • IT Requirements (please detail what action is needed): Describe that you need API Connection for calculating shipping rates in your eCommerce cart.
  • Include below information as. well:
    • Client Company Name: ___________________
    • Client StarTrack Account Number: ________
    • Client ID / Sender Code (if known): _____
    • Connote Prefix / Despatch ID (if known): ___
    • Client Address Line 1:     ______________________________
    • Client Address Line 2:     ______________________________
    • Suburb:                                _______________
    • State:                                    ___
    • Postcode:                            ____
    • Client Contact Name:     _______________
    • Client Contact Email:       _______________
    • Client Contact Phone:    (__) __________

Steps To Add These Carriers

  1. Go to the carriers page in the ShipperHQ dashboard
  2. Click Add New to add a new carrier
  3. Select Small Package carrier type
  4. Select install carrier to begin installing Australia Post, Fastway or StarTrack carrier
  5. Search for the carrier under ‘Small Package Carriers’
    • You can filter by carrier type or by installation status using the dropdown menus near the search bar
    • Begin to install and validate a selected carrier by clicking the “install” button directly on the listing or click anywhere else on the listing to view a detailed page with more information about the carrier including information required for validating the carrier.
  6. Review required information required to complete installation and click Continue
  7. Enter the Australia Post, Fastway or StarTrack API information obtained from each Carrier. Click Continue when complete
    Note: Successful installation depends on the accurate entry of the account information required by each carrier. If you do not have the correct information you will not be able to validate your carrier and receive live rates. 

    eParcel Special Note
    Australia Post eParcel requires at least two of the dimensions (length, width height) to be a minimum of 5 inches, otherwise the carrier will return an error.In order for dimensions to be passed to the carrier the Dimensional Shipping Feature must be enabled.To use a default box, after enabling the Dimensional Shipping feature, create a new box of 5x5x0 with no maximum weight. Next, navigate back to the eParcel carrier and, under Package Settings set the “Default Packing Box” to the newly-created box. This will meet the minimum dimensions for all products, regardless of whether the products have dimensions.

  8. Once installation is complete, you will be presented with:
    1. The option to enable your carrier right away. (Enabling your carrier at this time will turn its rates on immediately even before you have made any configuration adjustments to it)
    2. Begin to configure. Continuing with this button will take you to the carrier’s configuration page.



Your carrier can be installed and configured, but not validate. Successful validation depends on the accurate entry of the account information required by each carrier. If you do not have the correct information you will not be able to validate your carrier and receive live rates.

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