Adding a “Will Call” Option


Live carriers have been created for shipping most products but some products have to have a specialised quote, denoted by the “Quote” shipping group. The customer should still be able to check out but with a message denoting that someone will call them.


If no methods apply to the products in the cart then the customer will not be able to check out.

  1. Create a flat rate carrier called “Will call” and set the shipping rate to be 0. This will be the message that will be displayed to the customer.
  2. Create a new shipping rule and select all methods except for “Will call”.
  3. Set the shipping group to include the “Quote” shipping group.
  4. Set the action to hide the methods. This rule will hide all of the shipping methods except for the new flat rate.
  5. Create a second shipping and select only the “Will call method”.
  6. Set the shipping groups to exclude the “Quote” shipping group.
  7. Set the action to hide the method. This rule will hide the flat rate method unless there is a product assigned to the “Quote” shipping group in the cart.


When products that are not assigned to a shipping group are in the cart the second rule will take effect and the “Will call” method will not be displayed. If a product from the “Quote” shipping group is then added to the cart the second rule will no longer take effect and the first rule will hide all other methods instead.