Troubleshooting Carrier Authentication Errors


This article provides troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve credential discrepancies for live rate carriers, which are also seen as authentication errors.

Carrier Validation Errors

When saving a new carrier in ShipperHQ or after updating your carrier credentials you may see one of these error messages below:

  1. Authentication Failed – This could occur for a number of reasons.Try to validate if your credentials are correct and make sure you have a default origin set in ShipperHQ > Origins tab. If not you need to open the origin up and hit save so it selects an origin to compare against when your carrier validates.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 9.51.45 AM
    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.03.44 PM
  2. Authorization Failure – This occurs when you have an invalid username/password.
  3. No Valid Rates found for Carrier:This can usually be attributed to incorrect shipping methods selected.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.36.44 PM
  4. Package weight exceeded or does not meet requirements:Adjust the Package settings for the carrier and hover your mouse over them to display a tooltip with info on the minimum and maximums here.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.41.14 PM
  5. Account #### cannot be used As a Shipper Account:Please check with your Freight carrier to resolve this.Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.14.36 PM
  6. Sandbox can prevent validation:Please check that sandbox options are not enabled when authenticating carriers.


There are several ways in which to identify authentication errors:

  • If credentials have not been entered in the carrier configuration section the carrier’s “Enabled” toggle under “Carriers” will be red instead of green.
  • Tick the checkbox for “Validate credentials against carrier”. This will check to ensure that the credentials entered are able to return rates as soon as you click “save” at the bottom of the carrier. If the credentials are invalid a message will be presented informing you of this.
  • When requesting a shipping rate on an e-commerce platform that has logging, check to see the response returned by ShipperHQ. If you search for “Internal error message” it will display that there is an authentication error with the carrier. For BigCommerce, this is displayed as a part of the response within the store logs.

Resolving Authentication Errors

Below are several checks to make to ensure that the carrier is able to authenticate with their API.

  • Check to ensure that the configuration of the origin selected under “Attached Origins” is correct. By default, ShipperHQ creates an example origin based in California, USA. If this differs from the location that it should be dispatched from this will cause discrepancies.
  • If you have applied for test/sandbox credentials and do not have access to live credentials yet, ensure that the “Use Sandbox” checkbox is ticked (if present). Similarly, if you have entered live access credentials, ensure that the checkbox is unticked.
  • FedEx Freight special note: FedEx Freight ensures that the origin address matches the account address so this must match your account. If you are using the multi-origins and drop shipping functionality, however, you will need to change the “Payment type” to “Third party”. This is not enabled on accounts by default so you will need to check with your FedEx Freight account representative before enabling this option.
  • Check to ensure that the spellings are all correct in the “Account Settings” section – there may have been a character missed on incorrect. You may also need to check to ensure that no other unwanted characters have been entered by mistake, such as spaces where there should not be.
  • Where present, check for the “Unit of weight” under “Account Settings”. When there is a mismatch in the unit of weight the carrier may fail to authenticate. For example, kilograms when shipping from and to an address in USA.
  • If you are unsure as to how the credentials are invalid, you can check with the account representative of that carrier to ensure that your credentials have been entered correctly. If you or your carrier’s account representative needs to see exactly how the request is being sent across to the API the ShipperHQ support team can assist with retrieving that information for you – just use the “Request support” button, below.