How to Locate Your Quote ID in BigCommerce


When corresponding with the ShipperHQ support team, it’s often useful to be able to point us to a specific shipping quote that didn’t match your expectations. We have significant internal logging in ShipperHQ and each shipping quote request is tied to a unique ID we call a “Transaction ID” or “Quote ID.”

By providing this ID to our team, we can look at the exact shipping quote request where you spotted something unexpected and see all the additional logging around that.

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If you are unable to retrieve rates in BigCommerce, or the rates are not as you expect, then you should follow the following steps:

  1. Check that you have “Shipping From Address” set in BigCommerce.  Without this, you will not see any rates returned from ShipperHQ
  2. Check that you have correctly specified the relevant origin/shipping group/dimensional rules as appropriate on your products (Note: none of these are mandatory)
  3. Simplify the problem down to the least amount of items in the cart
  4. Look at the Logs under Settings->Store logs and look at the “Internal Error Message if present. You can then look this error message up to see what is causing your issue. More details on how to locate your Quote ID and how to review store logs will be outlined below.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, contact ShipperHQ support for assistance. Please bear in mind there may be a delay in answering your call depending on time of day.

Finding a Quote ID

1. In your BigCommerce Dashboard, store logs can be found by clicking on Settings link on the left  menu (not “account settings”).

Find settings in BigCommerce dashboard

2. From here, scroll to the bottom of the page & you will see an option called Store logs.

Once this is clicked, you’ll see your shipping rate requests listed chronologically.

Select Store Logs in BigCommerce

3. You can click the + sign and expand these requests and this will provide the details used for each shipping quote provided by ShipperHQ.

Expand order details in BigCommerce to view the ShipperHQ Quote ID

4. The Transaction/Quote ID is shown within the ShipperHQ-related logs, prefixed by “SHQ_”. E.g. look for something like ‘SHQ_20160825_0254_XXX_07488531’

BigCommerce Store Logs

Please note: if the quote ID is only numerical (I.e.: not prefixed by “SHQ” and has no underscores) then this indicates that the quote was not generated by ShipperHQ. Please ensure that you have enabled ShipperHQ

Understanding Store Logs

Although you will not find the full rate request & response logs here, the store Big Commerce store logs can still provide you with valuable information.ShipperHQ shipment details in BigCommerce store logs broken into key sections to understand rates

  1. Here is where you can see the items in the cart, including the weight and dimensions that are being passed over to the carrier(s).
  2. Here is where you can see the rates being returned by the carriers.  In this example, I have a single flat rate carrier as well as a UPS Access Point carrier.
  3. This is where you can find the packing details for the order.  Here, you can see how ShipperHQ is packing the shipment.  It’s useful to reference this section if you ever encounter a rate discrepancy.
  4. Lastly, here is where any potential shipping errors will appear.  Oftentimes, the error can outright denote what the issue is, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve the issue.  If you’re unable to resolve the issue, please contact support using the steps below.

Log Severity

Due to the nature of BigCommerce’s store logs when one or more shipping  methods are not displayed a warning will be shown, even if this is intentional.

Example of non-critical warning in BigCommerce

For example, if you have a rule that hides Ground over 70lb and the cart weight is 100lb this will show a warning, even though this is the desired behaviour of that rule. The “Errors” section, as illustrated above, will provide details of the shipping rules that came into effect. When no methods are available the severity “Error” will be displayed instead.

Contacting ShipperHQ Support

If you contact ShipperHQ support, please pass us the following information:

  1. Store URL
  2. BigCommerce store admin URL (shown in your browser after you login)
  3. Description of problem
  4. Steps to reproduce
  5. The Quote ID if available
  6. The complete response from ShipperHQ (as shown in Settings->Store logs):QDawgsTexasStore_-_Bigcommerce_Control_Panel
  7. Email this information to

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