Locating Transaction/Quote ID in BigCommerce

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If you are unable to retrieve rates in BigCommerce or the rates are not as you expect then you should follow the following steps:

  1. Check you have a “Shipping From Address” set in BigCommerce.  Without this you will not see any rates returned from ShipperHQ
  2. Check you have correctly specified the relevant origin/shipping group/dim group as appropriate on your products (Note: none of these are mandatory)
  3. Simplify the problem down to the least amount of items in the cart
  4. Look at the Logs under Server Settings->Store logs and look at the “Internal Error Message if present. You can then look this error message up to see what is causing your issue
    *Note: You will need to click the + sign to expand out the log request from ShipperHQ as seen in the picture below
    Store Logs

If you are still unable to resolve the issue then contact ShipperHQ support for assistance. Please bear in mind there may be a delay in answering your call, we work on a max 1 business man day turnaround.

Contacting ShipperHQ Support

If you contact ShipperHQ support please pass us the following information:

  1. Store url
  2. BigCommerce store admin url (shown in your browser after you login)
  3. Description of problem
  4. Steps to reproduce
  5. The Transaction/Quote ID (see Finding a Transaction ID/Quote ID in BigCommerce) as shown in Settings->Store logs Ex. look something like ‘SHQ_REQUEST_20160825_0254_XXX.07488531’
  6. The complete response from ShipperHQ (as shown in Server Settings->Store logs)
  7. Email
  8. QDawgsTexasStore_-_Bigcommerce_Control_Panel
  9. Email this information to support@shipperhq.com

Trouble launching app?

This could be because your computer does not allow 3rd party cookies. Please refer to this document. This was written by BigCommerce on how to enable these.

You may also have trouble accessing the ShipperHQ app in your BigCommerce dashboard if you are not logged in as the BigCommerce Store Owner. ShipperHQ should be installed by the Store Owner and then the Owner can use Multi-User App Permissions in the BigCommerce dashboard to allow other users to access ShipperHQ.