Magento 2 ShipperHQ attributes


Several attributes are rolled alongside the Shipper HQ Magento 2 extension after installation such as Shipping groups, Boxes, and Packing rules Origins.

Access these attributes by navigating to Stores > Product. Here is a list of all the attributes injected once the extension is installed:

Note, the must_ship_freight toggle is attached to the Must Ship Freight toggle in Magento and it tells ShipperHQ to rate products using a freight carrier. As such, if this toggle is turned on at the product level, then it is not necessary to tick the “Must Ship Freight” toggle within the shipping group in ShipperHQ. Please ensure NOT to use the “Must Ship Freight” toggle on the shipping group this product is assigned to, as it can cause a conflict.

Further details regarding freight classes are explained here.

The same principle applies here; ensure there is only one freight class on the product in Magento or on the shipping group from within the shipping group – having two different freight classes in both places causes the system to discard them.

The ship_separately attribute is used to pack and rate the product on its own. Go to this link for more information on how this work is defined.

Here is how the toggle looks on the products.

Further details on how to assign ShipperHQ attributes to products are found on here.

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