How to Set up uShip In-Home Delivery


uShip provides a straight-forward, high-quality option for nationwide in-home furniture delivery services via a set of carefully vetted carrier partners. By connecting your ShipperHQ account to uShip you’ll be able to offer real-time rating for In-Home Furniture Delivery on your eCommerce site, and also generate automatic listings for shipping bids.

Learn more about uShip In-Home Delivery on the ShipperHQ Marketplace.

Note: ShipperHQ currently only supports uShip rating for their In-Home Furniture Delivery service.



uShip Rating functionality is available on any platform with no separate module install required.

uShip Listing functionality is currently only supported for Magento 2 and you must be on the latest version of the ShipperHQ Magento 2 extension.


If you don’t yet have an account with uShip, sign up for a uShip In-Home Delivery account. You will need this username and password to connect to uShip.

Dimensional Rules

In order to use the uShip In-Home Delivery carrier in ShipperHQ you will need to have the ShipperHQ Dimensional Rules Advanced Feature enabled. uShip requires that ShipperHQ sends the dimensions of the products being shipped to retrieve real-time shipping rates.

Setting Up Your Products

If you sell a mixture of furniture and non-furniture items, it’s important to ensure that a uShip rate is retrieved only when customers are purchasing furniture. This can be accomplished using Shipping Groups.

You will also need to ensure that all products which will be using uShip for rating are configured with dimensions in your eCommerce platform’s product catalog.

Creating the Carrier

Rating Configuration

Once you have your uShip API credentials, you can set up the uShip In-Home Delivery carrier in ShipperHQ.

  1. In your ShipperHQ Dashboard in the Marketplace, select uShip and click the “Install & Validate” button
  2. Review the required validation details and, when ready, click Continue
  3. Enter your uShip account Username and Password
  4. ShipperHQ will attempt to connect with uShip to validate your credentials and indicate if validation is successful
    1. If unsuccessful, review the validation error message and, when ready, click Try Again to adjust the details you entered and attempt to validate again
    2. If successful, you’ll see a green success message. Click “Configure This Carrier” to configure your uShip carrier settings
Note Successful installation depends on the accurate entry of the account details required by the carrier. If you experience any issues validating your carrier, confirm that the credentials you’re using are correct.

Listing Configuration

After setting up your uShip Carrier, if you want ShipperHQ to automatically create uShip listings, proceed to the steps below.

uShip Listing functionality is only supported for Magento 2. Be sure you are on the latest version of the ShipperHQ Magento 2 extension.

Enable/Disable Automatic Listing Creation

  1. Edit your uShip carrier in ShipperHQ. You will see a Listing panel is available on the Carrier.
  2. Under the “Listing Details” section, you can choose if ShipperHQ should auto-create your listings. The Create Listing option is set to “Take no action” by default.
  3. To enable automatic listing, change this setting to “List automatically on order placement”
  4. Save the carrier
  5. Within Magento, synchronize with ShipperHQ to enable the automatic listing creation.

Using uShip Listing with ShipperHQ

With Automatic listing enabled, ShipperHQ will automatically create a listing on uShip.

When your customers choose uShip In-Home Delivery at checkout and complete their order, the ShipperHQ extension will use the order details to make a call to uShip to create a shipment listing. If the ShipperHQ logger is enabled, details of the listing call will be shown there.

If the listing call was successful, you will see”uShip Listing Created” followed by the uShip Listing ID on the order in the shipping details. If unsuccessful, you will see “uShip listing failed” to indicate the listing was not successful.

For successful listing creation, you can log into your uShip account and see the automatically created listings. From here, you can manage them further from within the uShip dashboard.

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