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When do I start getting ShipperHQ rates in my checkout?

Rates from ShipperHQ are live immediately after you install the app and add a carrier and enable it. However, you can disable ShipperHQ in your Shopify account until you have set up and tested your rates and are ready to make them live and then turn them back on.

What carriers does ShipperHQ integrate with?

Checkout our ShipperHQ Marketplace to see all of the carriers we integrate with.
If you don’t see a carrier listed, please contact us!

Can I use my negotiated rates with ShipperHQ?

Yes! ShipperHQ allows you to use your own account rates from all of our carrier integrations. Each carrier requires you to enter specific account credentials in order to access your account rates but this can be done anytime after you have installed the carrier.

Can I use my or Endicia accounts with ShipperHQ?

We don’t integrate with those USPS resellers directly. However, you can install the USPS carrier and add a discount to the retail rates that match the rates you get via endicia or

Does ShipperHQ offer discounts?

ShipperHQ offers an option for annual billing that provides a 1-month discount for all our plans. To sign up for annual billing on Shopify and get this deal you will need to contact us.

Can I print labels with ShipperHQ?

We do not currently have an out of the box solution for label printing with Shopify. ShipperHQ focuses on managing the cart and checkout experience for shipping on the website. We ensure customers see the right options, accurate rates, and critical information (such as delivery dates) to ensure orders are completed. We do have an integration with Shipstation that will allow you to send the order details for the shipping the customer selected to Shipstation to print labels.

We also have the ShipperHQ SDK for enterprise customers that provides the tools for customers to build their own integrations for label printing.

Does ShipperHQ track inventory?

No, ShipperHQ does not receive inventory levels for shipping origins.

How can I assign products to shipping groups in Shopify?

You can assign shipping group categories to products individually or in bulk by following instructions here: How to assign product attributes in Shopify

Does ShipperHQ support Shopify Multi-Origin?

ShipperHQ does not support multiple origins entered into Shopify but it DOES offer Multi-Origin shipping within the ShipperHQ App. The two Multi-Origin capabilities are mutually exclusive and do not work together. We recommend only using Multi-Origin Shipping within ShipperHQ.

Can I use Dimensional Packing if I don’t have dimensions on all of my products?

Yes! There are many strategies for using dimensional shipping to save money and not all of them require you to have dimensions on all of your products.

How can I see how an order was packed?

You can do this by using our Shipping Insights feature. This feature provides a wide range of shipping information related to one order and one or more shipments: delivery date, origin location, carrier used, delivery date promised to the buyer and more generally each and every shipment information.

How do I allow free shipping only for certain products?

Use the following guide to set free shipping on certain items.

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