Address Validation in ShipperHQ


ShipperHQ supports the ability to validate the address entered by your customers in the checkout. This will result in fewer orders being sent to incorrect addresses and reduce charges from carriers for invalid addressing.

Address Validation

Important Parts to Address Validation

  1. Dynamic Address Type Lookup

    For example is the address a business or residential address. This can affect the cost of shipping significantly

  2. Dynamic Address Validity

    Verify with either UPS or Fedex if the delivery address is valid or invalid

  3. Address Suggestion at Checkout

    If an address is ambiguous, prompting the user to select the correct address from suggested candidates

  4. Residential Selector

    We also support a manual Residential Selector on the checkout, so customers can select whether the delivery address is residential or commercial.

ShipperHQ includes all elements as part of it’s address validation service, although there are some differences in support across eCommerce Platforms.

Either UPS or FedEx must be added as a carrier. Their credentials are used for address validation.

Supported eCommerce Platforms & Carriers

ShipperHQ Address Validation Support
Platform Dynamic Address Type Lookup Dynamic Address Validity Address Suggestion at Checkout Residential Selector
Magento 1 Yes – Result shown on order Yes – Result shown on order Displays address candidates Yes
Magento 2 Yes – Result shown on order No Requires Free Address Autocomplete Extension to show suggestion Yes
Zoey Yes – Result shown on order Yes – Result shown on order Displays address candidates Yes
Shopify Yes* No No No
BigCommerce Yes* No No No
WooCommerce Yes* No No No

*These platforms do not allow us to store this information in the order details, but the address has been validated.

Address Validation Setup

Getting Started


If you are not seeing the rates change based on residential/business address then you are likely to have one of the following issues:

  1. You are not set up for Validation with your carrier. This is an extra service, so even if you get shipping rates you need to ensure you have validation enabled at an API level, check with the carrier customer service if unsure
  2. The address you are entering cannot be validated – on Magento you will see this being returned in the response log
  3. The configuration is not enabled, check your ShipperHQ settings to ensure feature enabled and enabled in the Carrier Settings, also check that you have sync’ed in Magento 1/2


We work within the boundaries as set by UPS/FedEx. There are instances that they will mark an address as valid even when there are invalid parts to it. We cannot detect this.  Please ensure you conduct your own testing as appropriate.

Future Roadmap

On our roadmap we have plans to support USPS and also international countries such as the UK.