Rate Shopping Setup


You would like to have ShipperHQ automatically return the cheapest rates.


To obtain Cheapest Shipping Rate, you first must have the Rate Shopping & Shipping Option Management feature turned on.

  • This is done through the Features option on the left side of the page, above Logout.
  • Once you are on the Features page, you will see the Rate Shopping & Shipping Option Management feature as well as a toggle switch you can click to set it as ‘Enabled.  ( Labelled as no. 3 in screenshot)
    It is important to only make this change, selecting other things will add unwanted complexities to your accoun
  • After you’ve enabled this feature, you will click the settings Icon (see no.  on screenshot).
  • I’ve also referenced the improved “More info” option (no.1screenshot) from within the features page. This just lets you know a bit more in depth about the feature you’re enabling.
  • Next click the Rate Shopping tab. Once clicked, check the Shop Cheapest Rate box and hit Apply.                                                            


*Note: for Magento, this will be superseded by Sort order at the bottom of each carrier.  This feature works best with “Show all carriers as single carrier” enabled.