Enable Address Validation for Magento

To enable Address Validation in your store, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. On your Account Settings in ShipperHQ, enable the Address Validation feature via the features tab
  2. On the Carriers tab, open the settings menu and enable Address Validation, select the carrier you wish to use and where you wish validation performed. Either UPS or FedEx must be added as a carrier. Their credentials are used for address validation.
  3. On the carrier you have selected to use, ensure you have entered valid credentials
  4. From the ShipperHQ Dashboard, click Carriers > Settings > Address Validation. From this menu you can select options to enable address validation.
  5. Login to your Magento admin panel, navigate to the Catalog > ShipperHQ > Synchronize menu and perform a synchronization to add the configuration settings to your Magento system.
    You may need to contact your carrier to ask them to enable access to the Address Validation API on your credentials.

Manually Edit Customer’s Address Type

In Magento 2, we have included the feature where you can manually edit the customer’s address type on their account. Go to Customers > All Customers > Edit customer > Addresses tab

The current address type is displayed. You can modify this and save the customer’s details. Going forward, this is now the address type used each time the customer checks out.