How to configure Address Type Selector


Address Type Selector lets customers specify if their delivery address is residential or commercial. It’s supported for all LTL Freight carriers as well as a number of live rate carriers, including UPS or FedEx. You can select whether to show a residential/commercial address type selector for each carrier you have enabled. Shipping rates and available Shipping Methods may change depending on whether the customer’s address is residential or business.

There are 2 options for handling the address type in ShipperHQ:

  1. Address Type Selector, discussed in this article, shows a drop-down allowing customers to manually select their address type
  2. Auto-Address-Type Lookup automatically determines a customer’s address and is included as part of the Address Validation Feature
Supported Platforms for the Address Type Selector are Magento 1, Magento 2, and Zoey.

Magento 2 support for the Address Type Selector requires installation of the “module-option” additional module which is not included with the base ShipperHQ extension.

LTL Freight Carriers include the Address Type Selector with the LTL Freight feature so the Address Type Selector feature is not required for these carriers. It is still required for non-Freight Carriers.

Getting Started

In order use Address Type Selector you will need to activate the Advanced Feature. After enabling the feature, you need to turn on the address type selector for each carrier you wish to offer this option. To enable this:

  1. Go to Carriers
  2. Edit the Carriers you want to offer the selector on
  3. Go to the Optional tab
  4. Scroll to the ‘Additional Charges’ section and check the Enable Residential/Business Selector checkbox
  5. Select a Default Destination Address type which will be used as the initial value of the selector

Select a Default Destination Address type which will be used as the initial value of the selector

Some carriers, like USPS, don’t charge different rates for Residential and Commercial addresses. In these cases, you won’t see this option on your Carrier configuration in ShipperHQ since it’s not relevant to rating.


The manual residential selector allows the user to select the address type in the checkout.
Residential Selector

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