Loqate Address Validation


Loqate provides address validation and data cleansing services. The ShipperHQ Loqate integration specifically supports address validation in all countries supported by Loqate as well as address type lookup (residential/commercial) for US addresses based on your ecommerce platform.

You will need a Loqate account and will need to ensure you have enough credit on your account in order to use Loqate’s service with ShipperHQ. Sign up for an account at Loqate.com.


In order to install Loqate on your ShipperHQ account you’ll need to retrieve your production API Key from your Loqate dashboard. If you do not already have a production API Key, follow the instructions below to generate one.

  1. Log into your Loqate account
  2. Click the “Add Service +” button at the top of the page
  3. Choose the “API Key” option from the list of services (not the address verification or the email verification key)
  4. This will show you your new API Key. Make a note of this to use during Installation below.
  5. Optionally, you may wish to set a Daily Lookup Limit to cap spending which can be done on the Limits tab
  6. Save your new API Key and continue to install Loqate in ShipperHQ

Address Validation or Address Type Lookup Feature

In order to use Loqate’s functionality in ShipperHQ, you’ll need to enable either the Address Validation or Address Type Feature of ShipperHQ.

On Magento 1.x & Zoey ShipperHQ our integration with Loqate offers full address validation which includes address type lookup. You can use Loqate as the address validation service to use this feature. On all other platforms, ShipperHQ offers Address Type Lookup allowing you to dynamically look up the address type (commercial or residential) of the customer’s ship-to address.

Learn more about Address Validation for Magento 1.x and Zoey

Learn more about Address Type Lookup for all other platforms

Install & Configure

Install Loqate on ShipperHQ

  1. Go to ShipperHQ > Market Place > Search > Loqate > Install
  2. Enter your Loqate API Key in the Key field
  3. Click Continue to finish processing validation
  4. Though Loqate is not a carrier, it will appear in the Carriers list on your ShipperHQ account to allow you to manage credentials if needed

Configure Loqate

Regardless of whether you’re using ShipperHQ’s Address Validation or Address Type Lookup feature, you’ll need to configure the feature to use Loqate. Under Features, click the settings icon of your chosen Feature. There, select Loqate as your “Validation Provider.”


Loqate validation will now validate addresses and/or return address types for US addresses depending on the feature and platform you’re using. If you’re using address validation, you can now ensure your customer addresses are accurate when entered. If using Address Type Lookup, you can use this information in your ShipperHQ configuration to handle Residential or Commercial addresses different and ensure accurate rates from live rate carriers.


In order for Loqate to return address validation and/or type data to ShipperHQ your Loqate account must be in good standing. The first thing to check if you experience issues is to confirm that your Loqate account is topped up.

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