Experian Address Validation


Experian is not a carrier, but rather a tool to validate address types as Residential or Commercial, allowing you to return the appropriate shipping calculation.

Experian’s Address Validation works around the globe and is not limited to a certain country.


NOTE: Setting up Experian requires the Address Validation Advanced Feature to be enabled.


  1. Go to the Experian website > Data Validation > Address Verification > Real-time address API
  2. Select get your Free Trial > Enter your business information
  3. Experian will follow up with credentials via email. You will be supplied with a token that is alpha-numeric and will look like this: XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX

Create a new carrier

  1. Go to ShipperHQ > Market Place > Search > Experian > Install
  2. Enter the token received from Experian
  3. Click Continue to finish processing validation.Enter your token to use Experian Address Validation in ShipperHQ

Address Validation

  1.  Go to Features > Address Validation > Click on the gear emblem to enter settings
  2. Under “Validation Provider” choose Experian and than hit Apply.Select Experian Address Validation in ShipperHQ to use this provider


Experian validation provider will now validate address types and return whether the validated address is residential or business then inject that address type into other live rate carriers that depend on address type to return accurate rates based upon validated address.

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