Display a Different Carrier When Certain Items are in the Cart Together


This covers a scenario where you have two items in the cart from different Shipping Groups that are specific to only certain carriers (e.g. Product A only ships UPS, and Product B only ships FedEx). To prevent errors in the cart, you need to set a rule to handle cases where these two products are in the cart together.


For this setup, we assume that you do not have restrictions on your shipping groups to certain carriers. This scenario will only work if your Shipping Rules define the Carrier for your Shipping Groups.

This approach does not apply if you are making the restrictions on the Shipping Group themselves.


The example below is for a company that has a STAINED GLASS group set up for Store Pick up only, combined with an item from the WINDOWS SHIPPING group that has TForce Freight only. When these items are together you might want another carrier to handle this. In this example we’ll show YRC.

  1. Go to Shipping Rules and click the +New button
  2. In the Basic panel, give a name to the Rule (i.e. “Show YRC when Glass and Windows in cart together”)
  3. Under the Shipping Methods section in the Basic panel, select ALL carriers except the one you wish to use. In our case, we’ll select everything but YRC. (it will make sense in a moment)
  4. Under the Actions panel, under “Action to Perform” set the I want to.. dropdown to “Hide my selected Shipping Methods”. This will then hide all of the shipping methods that we selected before. 
  5. Under the Conditions panel, make sure that the Shipping Group(s) Include ALL dropdown has the two shipping groups we are making the shipping rule for. For our example, we’d select WINDOWS SHIPPING and STAINED GLASS.
  6. Save and test your new Shipping Rule

Assign Products to Shipping Groups

Be sure to assign your relevant products to the new group before you test.

Test Your Rates

Verify that your carriers and rules are working and see how they will display in your checkout right from the ShipperHQ dashboard.

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