UPS Saturday Delivery


Say you want to deliver products on Saturday if they’re ordered on Thursday or Friday with UPS. UPS doesn’t have a dedicated Saturday delivery method, instead they utilize many of their existing expedited and ground methods to deliver on Saturday. You can see what methods UPS uses  for Saturday within the following article from

ShipperHQ does have the capability to only display one of these methods so that delivery falls on a Saturday if order is placed Thursday/Friday.


  • If you want to re-name UPS 2nd Day Air/ Next Day Air to say “Saturday Delivery” then you’ll need to enable Rate Shopping & Shipping option Management. This Advanced Feature will give you the ability to utilize Method Naming to re-name of these methods to Saturday Delivery (This is optional).
  • In order to only display these methods for delivery on Saturday then you’ll need to duplicate the UPS carrier:
    • In the UPS Carrier, select the methods that you want to show for Saturday. E.g UPS 2nd Day Air/UPS Next Day air
    • Go to Calendar Settings > Blackout delivery days and ensure to select everything but Saturday then save.
    • When this is done the system will push the dispatch date for selected method so that delivery falls on a Saturday.
    • NOTE: This is mostly for BigCommerce/Shopify/WooCommerce customers as there is no calendar support on these platforms.
  • On Magento/Zoey: Ensure to select “Show calendar”(if you’re planing to use it). Calendar will only display Satuday as the available date to be selected and all other days will be hidden.


If you don’t see Next Day Air/2nd Day Air on the UPS carrier that you restricted to return rates on Saturday then ensure that day(s) this carrier isn’t restricted too aren’t selected on “Blackout Delivery Days”. Also make sure that there is no lead days on Shipping Group/Carrier that are pushing dispatch to a day where delivery won’t fall on a Saturday.

If you still running into issues after checking the above. Please email support@shipperhq with a transaction ID for Magento1/Magento2/Zoey/WooCommerce and  BigCommerce with a brief description. We’ll analyze our logs and get back to you with a resloution.