Surcharge Rates by Customer Group


ShipperHQ allows you to set up rules for different groups of customers based on the customer’s Customer Group set in your eCommerce platform. You’ll first need to turn on Customer Groups.

This doc examples how to surcharge rates for a customer group by $10.00.


In order to set this up, you need to already have:

  • at least one Carrier set up in ShipperHQ
  • Customer Groups enabled and set up in ShipperHQ
  • customers assigned to the correct Customer Group in your eCommerce platform


  1. Click on Carirer Rules > Add New +
  2. In the Basic panel, name your rule something relevant (i.e. “Surcharge on X Customer Group”)
  3. Under the Shipping Methods panel, select the method (or methods) that you want to be surcharged when this rule applies
  4. Under the Conditions panel, under Applicable Customer Groups dropdown, select the customer group that should receive this surcharge.
    1. If any other restrictions apply to this rule, set those conditions as well. (For example, if this only applies to shipments to the US 48 Zone or on certain Shipping Groups.)
  5. In the Actions panel, set the Action to Perform dropdown to “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods” > set Adapt Shipping Rates to “Surcharge Rates” > Then, under Set/Modify Shipping Rate enter “10.00” in the Shipping Rate field.

Now, when a customer that has been assigned to the relevant Customer group places an order, the surcharge will be applied on top of the shipping rate.

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