Setting Up and Using Volume Filtering


ShipperHQ has the ability to allow you to create your own shipping rates based on the volume weight as well as the actual weight. You can choose to create rates based on both of those values at the same time, or use the higher of actual weight and volume weight. NOTE: this is currently only supported for Magento 1.

Turning on Volume Filtering

On the Carrier Rules page in ShipperHQ, click the “Account Settings” button in the top right corner. There you’ll see the option to enable Dimensional Shipping.

Now, go to carrier rules and click settings at the top right. Under “Filter Based On”, enable “Volume Based Filtering”.

Once this is enabled, you’ll see new options in filters and when creating or editing a carrier. We will go into more details below.

Enabling Use Higher of Actual Weight and Volume Weight

This only applies to custom rate carriers. You will need to click on “Rule Settings” on the edit carrier page of your chosen carrier. You should see a new check box called “Filter based on higher of Actual Weight and Volume Weight”. Check this and save the carrier.

Now the higher of the actual weight and volume weight will be used as the weight value in your rules.

Creating Volume and Weight Based Rules

If you’re not using higher of actual weight and volume weight, you will want to create new rules based on the weight and volume.

Click on the “Filters” tab on the left navbar. You should have a new tab called “Advanced Filters”, in which you’ll find the option for volume filtering.

Creating Shipping Rates for Shipping Boxes

This is covered in a separate article. It assumes you’ve set up your shipping boxes under “Box Definitions” in the left navbar.