How to Restrict Zones from Free Shipping When Cart is Over X Amount of Money


One common scenario within ShipperHQ can be offering free shipping to a specific zone within a $ range of the total cart order. However, you want to exclude certain zone(s) from free shipping.

No matter what the conditions are, you can customize your carrier rules logic to exclude zones from receiving free shipping.


  • You’ll need at least one Carrier set up in ShipperHQ
  • You’ll need to have a Zone defined that you want to exclude from the free shipping
  • You’ll need to define a filter of X amount of $ and up per order
  • You’ll need to create a Carrier Rule for free shipping to a specific zone. If you don’t have one setup this article guides you: Free Shipping to a certain zone using carrier rules


Note: This example uses $100 as the starting price for the free shipping to be excluded

  1. Open up your Carrier Rule for Free Shipping to a Certain Zone, and go to the Conditions panel.
  2. On the Conditions, click “Optionally exclude Zones” and add the zone that you pre-defined, that will be excluded from Free Shipping.
  3. Again, on the Conditions, click on “Weight/Price/Quantity Filters” and add the new filter you pre-defined. In our case here it’s the “Order >$100

Once you apply these changes, the pre-defined zones that you excluded and the filter you applied will prevent free shipping methods from appearing when the order is greater than $100.

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