Restrict Zones from Free Shipping When Cart is Over $ Amount


One common scenario within ShipperHQ can be to offer free shipping based on the order amount, except to a specific shipping zone . 

Using the details outlined in this guide, we’ll use the following example:

We want to create a shipping rule that will display Free Shipping for UPS Ground when the shipping group “Free” is in the cart and the order value is over $100, however, we do not want to extend this promotion to Zone 02. 

To demonstrate this type of rule setup, we’ll use UPS Ground for the Free Shipping method and three conditions in the rule creation; a Shipping Group, a Price Filter, & a Shipping Zone to isolate where Free Shipping is not available

For more details on managing and assigning shipping groups and filters, please see the articles linked below.

Shipping Groups


Shipping Zones

The shipping group will be titled Free and the price filter will be $100+.


1. Navigate to the Shipping Rules option on the left navigation menu and then click +New.

2. When prompted to select the action you would like to perform, select Offer Free Shipping.

3. Select how you want to apply your free shipping option. For this rule, we’ll select Each Shipping Group in the Cart.

4. Select the method(s) that you want to offer for free.

In this case, we’ll select Ground, however, you may select as many options as you want and each will be overridden with free shipping. 

5. Select Shipping Groups, Shipping Zone & Price for the conditions that are required for the rule to apply.

6. Select the shipping group(s) you want to use for offering free shipping.

We’ll use Free.

If you have not created your shipping group for this rule yet, you have the opportunity to do so while on the shipping group selection screen. 

Simply select “I Want to Create a New Shipping Group” and follow the prompts to set it up. 

7. Select the Shipping Zone to be used in the rule. We’ll use Zone 02 for this example and we will set the drop down option to Shipping Zones Do Not Include as we assign Zone 02. 

8. After applying your shipping group and proceeding, the next condition can be applied for Price.

Once all conditions have been entered, a summary of the shipping rule will be displayed.

Be sure to add a title for the new rule so that it can be easily identified in the shipping rules list and when testing.

9. Click “Finish” to save the new rule. This will apply the rule immediately.

Once the rule has been created, we recommend using the “Test your Rates” feature to confirm the new rule is working as intended.


Once completed, ShipperHQ will apply free shipping defined in this rule for UPS Ground whenever the order value is $100 or more and products assigned to the shipping group “Free” are in the cart, except if the customer’s address falls within Zone 02.

Test Your Rates

Verify that your carriers and rules are working and see how they will display in your checkout right from the ShipperHQ dashboard.

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