How to Restrict Customer Group from Shipping When Cart is Below $ Amount


Say you want to stop showing a certain carrier when the “Wholesale” Customer group is in the cart and the order value is below X amount of $. For example, when cart is below $150.

Pre-requisite: We are assuming you already have the carriers set up and have enabled customer groups and have defined your customer group names in ShipperHQ.


  1. Go to filters, and define a filter using “Price”. For our example, we’re using $150, so our filter is going to be from $0 to $150. Save your Filter.
  2. Navigate to carrier rules > Add New
  3. In the Basic panel, name the rule what’s most relevant
  4. Under Shipping Methods panel, select the shipping methods that you want to be hidden when a customer in your Customer Group is shopping.
  5. In the Conditions panel, under weight/price/Quantity filters dropdown, select your Filter (ours is the $150 filter)
  6. Still in the Conditions panel, under the Applicable Customer Groups dropdown, select the “Wholesale” customer group
  7. On the Actions panel, set the “Action to Perform” to “Hide Shipping Methods”.
  8. Save the Rule

Once you accomplish the above, the “Wholesale” customer group will no longer get the methods you’ve selected when the order is under $150.

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