How to Prevent USPS First-Class Envelope Unless Small Items in Cart


Say you ship small items via USPS First-Class Envelope, but when larger items are in the cart that don’t fit in the envelope you wish to hide this option.

This can be accomplished automatically with Dimensional Shipping. But if you are not using Dimensional Shipping, you need a rule to accomplish this.

Pre-requisites: This example assumes that you have a USPS carrier set up and validated in ShipperHQ.


Part 1: Create a Shipping Group

  1. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new group. Don’t worry about any of the advanced settings. For our example, we will call our group LIGHTWEIGHT.

Part 2: Create the New Shipping Rule

  1. Click on “Shipping Rules” on the left nav, and then click “+New” button
  2. Basic tab, enter a name for this rule, something like “Hide USPS Envelope from Heavy items”.
  3. Shipping Methods section, choose the shipping method that you want to apply the rule to.
  4. In the Actions tab, find the drop down called Action to Perform and choose “Hide my selected Shipping Methods”
  5. Conditions tab, find the drop down called Shipping Groups Includes One or More and select all groups apart from LIGHTWEIGHT.
  6. Save and test the rule

USPS First-Class Envelope will now be hidden if LIGHTWEIGHT items are not in the cart.

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