Prevent USPS First-Class Envelope when Larger


You ship small items via USPS First-Class Envelope, but when larger items are in the cart that don’t fit in the envelope you wish to hide this option.

This scenario is very useful as it allows you to offer reduced shipping costs whilst ensuring you don’t undercharge the customer.


This example assumes that you have a USPS carrier set up and validated in ShipperHQ.


Part 1: Create a Shipping Group

  1. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new group called LIGHTWEIGHT. Don’t worry about any of the advanced settings.

Part 2: Create the New Carrier Rule

  1. Click on “Carrier Rules” on the left nav, and then click “Add New +”.
  2. Enter a name for this rule, something like “Hide USPS Envelope from Heavy items”.
  3. In the “Applicable Shipping Methods” section, choose the shipping method that you want to apply the rule to.
  4. In the “Conditions” section, find the drop down called Includes One or More of these Shipping Group(s) and select all groups apart from LIGHTWEIGHT.
  5. In the “Actions” section, find the drop down called “Action to Perform” and choose “Hide Shipping Methods”
  6. Save the rule.


USPS First-Class Envelope will now only be shown if only LIGHTWEIGHT items are in the cart.