Migration: Magento to WooCommerce, Zoey or SFCC

While the step-by-step instructions below will help you in migrating your ShipperHQ account between platforms, we encourage you to contact a member of our Customer Success team prior to getting started as we have the ability to expedite your migration and we can provide a quote to take this on for you. 

Please click here to fill out a brief contact form and a member of our team will contact you with more details.

Getting Started

Similar to Magento, Zoey, WooCommerce and SalesForce Commerce Cloud are module based. The migration process is quite simple to complete.

A new ShipperHQ Account isn’t necessary, however, alerting the ShipperHQ team of the migration to a new, module-based platform is critical in making sure all ShipperHQ records are up to date.

This will help to ensure accurate assistance from technical support as many troubleshooting steps are platform-specific.

ShipperHQ Installation Guides by Platform



SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Determine which ShipperHQ Scope will be migrated

ShipperHQ offers multiple “scopes” for Magento users. Scopes can be thought of as additional accounts. Scopes can be used to create up to four different configurations and can be connected with alternate websites.

Common uses include:

  • Test and Staging Sites.
  • Secondary Channels for Wholesale and Retail
  • Fallback and failover configurations
  • Safe areas to create, edit, adjust and test configuration settings prior to applying them on a live site

A single scope must be chosen as the migration settings source since multiple scopes are not supported on other eCommerce platforms

Please note that the following features are only available within Magento:

  • Product Page Shipping Calculator
  • Calendar/Date Selector Module
  • Address-Type Selector

Install ShipperHQ and Enter API Credentials

Once you’ve identified the scope you want to use for your new Zoey, WooCommerce, or SalesForce Commerce Cloud site, you’ll want to copy and paste the API Key and Authorization Code from your ShipperHQ account.

These details can be found in ShipperHQ under the “Websites” section.

Once saved in your new site, your ShipperHQ account will be connected and you will be able to assign your product attributes. See below for platform specific steps to add product attributes:



SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Once all product attributes have been assigned, you’re ready to begin quoting ShipperHQ rates on your new site.

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