What to Synchronize with ShipperHQ on Magento and Zoey?


Any settings that affect product attributes will require synchronising, along with advanced features. As a result, this article walks through the synchronization process required for Magento and Zoey.

These are the most common aspects that require synchronisation:

Product Attributes

  • Shipping Groups – the exception to this is SKU-based shipping groups
  • Origins – the exception to this is if you have one origin and/or if you do not have the drop shipping feature enabled
  • Boxes Definitions – except any box marked as “applies to all products”
  • Packing Rules
  • Customer groups – If enabled.


  • Address Validation
  • Multi-origin & Drop Shipping (see origins, above)

Importantly, note that there are no drawbacks to synchronising with ShipperHQ but you will experience discrepancies if the above have not been synchronised.

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