How to restrict shipping methods by zone


Sometimes you want to restrict certain shipping methods from certain zones without having to restrict the entire carrier for that specific zone. You only want one or few shipping methods from the ones you selected on the I.E “UPS” carrier to be used for “Alaska” zone for example.


Please Note: I will be using UPS as the example carrier and UPS Ground as the shipping method to be excluded from the “Alaska” zone. 

You want to restrict “UPS ground” from shipping to any city in “Alaska” however, you still want the other methods you’ve selected within the UPS carrier to ship there.

To do so please follow the instructions below:

  1. Define an Alaska zone if you haven’t. See Creating a Zone steps here.
  2. Go to Carrier Rules >> Add new >> Name it whatever you want I will be using “Hide UPS GND FROM AK”
  3. Scroll down to the “Applicable Shipping Methods”, per example “UPS Ground” Is the method we will be using here. (You can select more than one method if you want to restrict more than one by holding CMD+mouse click on Mac – CTRL + Left Mouse on Windows). Method
  4. Go to the “Conditions” Panel and “Apply to Zones”, per example “Alaska is the zone to restrict. (If you want to restrict more zones, simply just select other ones)AK zone
  5. On the “Actions” Panel on the “Action to Perform” select “Hide Shipping Methods” and then save the rule. Hid method

Once you’ve done all of the mentioned above, Alaska zone will no longer get rates from “UPS Ground”.