How to Surcharge Shipping Methods for a Specific Address Type


In some cases, you may want to surcharge shipping rates to certain Address Types. An example is wanting to surcharge shipping to Residential locations. ShipperHQ’s Address Type Based Rules functionality covers this need.


You will need to have Address Type Based Carrier Rules enabled.


This will walk you though setting up a rule that surcharges UPS Ground by $20 to a Residential location.

  1. Ensure you have a UPS Ground Carrier set up
  2. Click on Carrier Rules in the left-hand navbar
  3. Create a new Carrier Rule and name it something that’s relevant to your rule
  4. Applicable Shipping Methods panel select UPS Ground
  5. Advanced Conditions panel, select “Residential” in the Address Type field
  6. Actions panel, set Action to Perform to “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods”. Set Adapt Shipping Rates to “Surcharge Rates”. Set Apply Shipping Rate/Percentage to “Per Cart”
  7. In the Set/Modify Shipping Rate panel, set the Shipping Rate to $20
  8. Save your Carrier Rule

ShipperHQ will now surcharge UPS Ground to Residential locations by $20.

Other Options

This capability can be combined with any other Conditions on your carrier rule to make this apply in the specific scenario you need it to apply. Additionally, you can discount, override/set, or hide certain shipping options on specific days using other Actions.

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