How to set up Free Shipping for orders when more than X weight in cart


A common scenario is to offer a certain shipping option or method for Free over a certain item weight threshold. In this article, we’ll use the example of free UPS Ground shipping if the order has over 100lbs.


    1. In ShipperHQ, ensure you have your UPS Carrier set with UPS Ground as an available shipping method.
    2. Click on Filters on the navbar and add a new filter.
    3. On your new filter, select “Whole Cart” under Filter Applies To in the Edit Filter panel and enter a Name you’ll recognize (e.g. “Over 100lbs”)
    4. In the Standard Filters panel, select “Range” for the Weight filter, enter a Min value of 100 and check the No Max checkbox and Save. You now have a filter set up which will match against an order total with more than 100lbs in the cart.
    5. Click on Carrier Rules on the navbar and add a new Rule.
    6. Enter a descriptive Name (e.g. “Free UPS Ground over 100lbs”) under the Overview panel and select UPS Ground in the Live Shipping Methods Assigned field under the Applicable Shipping Methods panel.
    7. In the Conditions panel, select the Filter you just set up under Weight/Price/Quantity Filters
    8. In the Actions panel and the Rule Action section, choose “Set/Surcharge Shipping Methods” from the Action to Perform drop-down, “Set Rates” from the Adapt Shipping Rates drop-down, and “Per Cart” in the Apply Shipping Rate/Percentage drop-down.
    9. In the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section of the Actions panel, enter 0 in the Shipping Rate field.
    10. Save your rule.

ShipperHQ will now set UPS Ground to Free if the order has over 100 pounds.

Other Options

Combining the price Filter with other Filters or Shipping Groups or Zones you can define more specific scenarios in which to offer free shipping. You can also use this same approach to set Flat Rate shipping in certain scenarios.