How to Hide Shipping Methods Unless Shipping Group is in Cart


When certain products are in the cart show a separate custom rates carrier that all of your products can ship with.

Step 1: Create a Shipping Group

  1. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new one. Don’t worry about any of the advanced settings. Let’s say you name it “Custom Freight”.

Step 2: Create the New Shipping Rule

  1. Click on “Shipping Rules” on the left nav, and then click “+New” button
  2. From the Actions list, choose the Hide Methods action.
  3. On Shipping Methods, select the methods you wish to hide. For this example we’ll hide our Custom Carrier’s method.
  4. On the Conditions screen, choose the Shipping Group condition.
  5. When defining your Shipping Group condition, click “Select Shipping Groups to prevent this rule from applying” at the bottom of the screen
  6. Choose the “Custom Freight” Shipping Group that you would like to continue showing Shipping Methods for when that Shipping Group is present in the cart.
  7. Save and test your Shipping Rule
  8. On the Shipping Rule Configuration page, you may want to give this rule a descriptive name e.g. “Hide Custom Carrier Methods when Custom Freight Group isn’t in cart”
  9. Got to Test My Rates to test your Shipping Rule

The custom carrier will now only be displayed when the “Custom Freight” carrier is in the cart.

Test Your Rates

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