How to enable FedEx International Connect Plus


This article covers how to enable the method FedEx International Conect Plus within your FedEx carrier. For information on this service provided by FedEx, click here.


You’ll need a FedEx Carrier already setup within your account to follow the below steps. If you don’t have one setup already, please see our article on how to set this up here.

Steps To Add This Method

To set this up, you’ll need to:

  1. Navigate within ShipperHQ to the carriers section and then edit your FedEx carrier
  2. Within the Basic tab of your carrier, scroll down to your active methods and select “Add Methods
  3. A popup should appear displaying all available methods to enable. Search for FedEx International Connect Plus and select this method:
  4. Select apply and save your carrier to finalise the change

Once enabled, this FedEx International Connect Plus should now be eligible to return in checkout.

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