Reducing high volume of rate requests to ShipperHQ


When reviewing the statistics on the ShipperHQ dashboard you may see that the number of requests being sent far exceeds the number of orders processed in your store. This is expected as a rate quote does not correlate to an order being placed. On Average we expect your store to have 4 times more rate requests than orders placed. ShipperHQ does not control the creation of a rate request. Those initiate from your store’s platform. ShipperHQ simply listens for requests from your platform. If you are seeing far more requests than expected, there are some things you can do to help lower that number.


On Magento and within the dashboard ensure that Sales > Delivery methods > ShipperHQ > “Require Zipcode To Request Rates” is set Yes. This option tells the checkout not to send rates UNLESS a Zip/postal code is entered. Please note that this is designed to work with core checkout and will not affect third-party or custom one-step checkouts. These types of extensions commonly send requests once a single piece of address is entered on any of the designated fields.

If you’re using a third-party one-step checkout, we recommend checking with the developer of the extension to ensure that it’s configured to not send rate requests unless all address-related details are entered. Also, note that the core checkout of Magento is designed to send requests once a piece of the address is entered, and enabling the above option on the ShipperHQ extension will help prevent that.


On all these platforms sending the request is controlled by the platform itself and there isn’t a mechanism to prevent a request unless a zip/postal code is entered. If you see such an issue with any of these platforms then this is likely caused by customizations to your store. For that, you will need to contact the developer of the checkout. If you are using the core checkout, then you will want to contact the support team of that platform, with the exception of WooCommerce. With a WooCommerce store, your will need to contact the developer working on that site.

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