Dimensional Shipping with Custom Rates


In some circumstances you may wish to set up shipping rates that are user-defined (i.e by you) that work based on the box dimensions. For instance you might wish to have a rule that says Box 5x5x5 is $10 per box, Box 10x12x12 is $15 per box. And then depending on what the items are in the cart it will calculate which box to use and the shipping rate. ShipperHQ supports this. We give a quick run down on setup here.


Dimensional Shipping is supported on most Custom Rate carriers but is not available for Free Shipping, In-Store Pickup, and Same Day Carriers.
  1. Switch on Dimensional Shipping in Features > Dimensional Rules > Enable

2. Go to Carrier Rules > Settings (top right hand corner) > Boxes > Yes

Dimensional Rule Setup

You will need to set up your Dimensional Rules for your website. This is covered in a separate section.

Carrier Setup

  1. Create a user-defined carrier
  2. Under Rules you will need to add a new Carrier Rule to basically say along the lines of when Box A is in the cart (under advanced conditions) and Zone is B then shipping price for Shipping Method C is $x. You can optionally make this price per box

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