Dimensional Shipping with Custom Rates


In some circumstances you may wish to set up shipping rates that are user-defined (i.e by you) that work based on the box dimensions. For instance you might wish to have a rule that says Box 5x5x5 is $10 per box, Box 10x12x12 is $15 per box. And then depending on what the items are in the cart it will calculate which box to use and the shipping rate. ShipperHQ supports this. We give a quick run down on setup here.


Dimensional Shipping is supported on most Custom Rate carriers but is not available for Free Shipping, In-Store Pickup, and Same Day Carriers.
  1. Ensure Dimensional Shipping is enabled in Features > Dimensional Rules > Enable

  2. If you have Dimensional Rules restricted to specific carriers your custom rate carrier will need to be added to the list of enabled carriers.
    1. In Features > Dimensional Rules > Settings if the “Carriers” field shows “No Carriers Selected” all compatible carriers will be eligible to use dimensional shipping.
    2. If one or more carriers are selected in that field your custom rate carrier will also need to be added via the “Add Carriers” button.
  3. Go to Carrier Rules > Settings (top right hand corner) > Boxes > Yes


Dimensional Rule Setup

You will need to set up your Dimensional Rules for your website. This is covered in How to Set Up Rules Based on Boxes

Carrier Setup

  1. Create a user-defined carrier
  2. Use carrier rules to modify the custom rates’ carrier’s shipping rates.

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