Dimensional Scenario: Ship Separately for First Quantity


You sell boxes of tissues, which are already in boxes. When they are in the cart on their own they should ship using their own dimensions. When there are multiples in the cart, however, they can be taped together and sent as a single package.


To ship using boxes and dimensions the Dimensional Shipping feature must be enabled.


You can mimic this functionality by defining boxes that are fractionally larger than the products’ dimensions.

For example, if the box of tissues is 3x2x3 you can define a box with dimensions of 3.1×2.1×3.1 and assign it as an applicable box for that product in addition to larger boxes. This will make it so that when there is one box of tissues in the cart it will ship in the 3.1×2.1×3.1 box. If there is a quantity of 2 or more in the cart larger boxes will be used instead.

Separating other products

In addition to the boxes of tissues you sell mugs, which are also in their own boxes. When there is one box of tissues or one mug in the cart they should ship in their own boxes respectively. When in the cart together they can ship together in a single box.


As previously, the box for the mug will need to have a box defined that is fractionally larger than the dimensions of the mug. In this case the mug is 4x3x4 but we don’t want this box to be used to ship tissues. To account for this different packing rules will need to be used, one with the 4.1×3.1×4.1 box for the mug, plus larger boxes and one with the 3.1×2.1×3.1 box for the tissues plus larger boxes.

Assigning the first packing rule to the mug and the second packing rule to the tissues will make it so that when there is a quantity of 1 of either product in the cart on its own it will ship in its own box but because there are common, larger boxes available to both products they will be packed together when in the cart together.


  • Two packing rules: “Tissues rule” with 3.1×2.1×3.1 box assigned plus two larger boxes, “Mugs rule” with 4.1×2.1×3.1 box assigned plus the same two larger boxes.
  • 1x Mug = One4.1×2.1×3.1 box
  • 2x Mug = One larger box
  • 1x Tissues = One 3.1×2.1×3.1 box
  • 2x Tissues = One larger box
  • 1x Mug + 1x Tissues = One larger box

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