How to Create a Flat Rate Carrier


This article will walk you through creating a flat rate carrier to give a flat defined rate as an option for customers to select on your front end. You would use this carrier in a scenario where you only want one flat rate to show no matter how heavy an item is or how many of those items you have in the cart.


  1. In ShipperHQ, add a new Custom Carrier via the “Carriers” tab in navigation, or in the Marketplace
  2. Name your carrier a desired name. You can change this as needed at any time.
  3. Once you are on the Basic panel, make sure you have selected an “Attached Origin” and given an appropriate Carrier Title that will be displayed on the front end.
  4. In the Rates panel is where you will set your Flat Rate Shipping amount, like $5.95 for example. Note: you can set this to apply per order, item or package.

Additional Options

If you are looking for other options like setting up a Shipping option where you can modify a flat rate based off of weight, price, or quantity then you will need to use the Custom Defined Carrier article and create a Custom Carrier. If you are trying to get live rates with a specific carrier like FedEx or UPS or USPS then you can follow the linked documentation to set up live rate carriers.

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