How to Append Packing Weight onto Base Weight


This document will tell you how to set ShipperHQ to append packing weight onto the base weight. What this will do is take the box weight + product weight into account for a Custom Table Rate. See example below.

Table Rate
0-0.5lbs is rated at $4.95
0.5-0.75lbs is rated at $5.95

Product in order: 0.4lbs
Box packing weight: 0.2lbs

ShipperHW will match on second row and charges $5.95. This would be because SHQ would look at product + box and match based on 0.6lbs.

**Please note; this does not work on weight filters configuration. This must be enabled on Dimensional Shipping**



This will walk you through how to enable the 

You’ll want to go to ShipperHQ–>Advanced Features–>Dimensional Packing–>Settings–>Advanced–>Switchto ‘Yes’–>Apply


ShipperHQ will now be taking the box weight into account when looking at the weight parameters on a Custom Table Rate

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