Warnings in BigCommerce store logs


When viewing ShipperHQ logs from server settings > store logs in BigCommerce, you may see “Warnings” on some of the request/response quote ID’s . Most often, this is not cause for alarm, but more so indicative that ShipperHQ is doing what you’ve configured it to do.

For example, you would see warnings/errors for scenarios such as

• If you have a shipping group that is restricted to specific carrier methods or specific zones, ShipperHQ will hide the ineligible shipping methods as intended.

• If you have a USPS carrier with only international methods, the carrier will be unable to return rates if the customer checks out with a domestic address.

• If you have a shipping rule configured to hide specific shipping methods under certain conditions

These would all display as a “Warning” in the top left hand corner (errors on the bottom right hand corner), even though other methods have returned and the customer was able to successfully checkout.

These warnings only exist to give an indication to the merchant that a certain event happened and prevented certain shipping methods from returning. Your customers will not see these errors at any point during the checkout.

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