Surcharge USPS Based on Cart Price


In some cases you may want to surcharge your shipping rates for orders above or below a certain amount. For example, with USPS they do not add the insurance cost onto the rates, so you will need to create carrier rules to surcharge the shipping price based on the cart price. Alternately, you may wish to charge a surcharge for especially small orders to ensure you’re covering your costs.

In this example, we’ll apply a surcharge to a USPS carrier for orders up to $100.


Your USPS carrier is set up and validated in ShipperHQ.


To set this up you need both a shipping filter and a carrier rule. The shipping filter will describe the price point at which to apply the rule

Creating Your Shipping Filter

  1. Click on Shipping Filters on your left-hand navbar in ShipperHQ and click the Add New + button
  2. Enter the Name for your Filter, we’ll use “<$100” in this example
  3. Select to apply to Origin
  4. Set a Price Range of 0-100
  5. Save your Filter

Creating your Carrier Rule

  1. Click on Carrier Rules in the navbar and click the Add New + button
  2. Enter the Name for your Carrier Rule, we’ll use “Surcharge USPS >$100 in Cart” in this example
  3. In the Applicable Shipping Methods panel, select all USPS Shipping Methods in the Live Shipping Methods Assigned field
  4. In the Conditions panel, select your new Filter in the Apply to Filters field
  5. In the Actions panel, set the Adapt Shipping Rates field to “Surcharge Rates”
  6. Under the Set/Modify Shipping Rate section, enter appropriate surcharge price (e.g. $5)
  7. Save your Carrier Rule


With this rule in place USPS rates will be surcharged by $5 when the cart price is < $100. You can add other filter/rule combinations if you want to charge different surcharges for different price ranges.