Displaying All Carriers in a Single List


The default display for carriers is to show the Shipping Methods or services from each Carrier in a separate list with the Carrier Title as the heading of the list. However, you may wish to show all of your carriers together in a single list under a generic heading like “Shipping Options.” This is supported in ShipperHQ.


  1. Click the Settings button on your Carriers page in the ShipperHQ Dashboard
  2. Under the Display tab, set Display Rates under Generic Carrier to “Yes.”
  3. Enter the header you want to use for your list in the Generic Carrier Title field.
  4. Choose whether to show or hide the actual carrier used for delivery using setting Use Generic Carrier in Order View. If you choose No, the customer will see the carrier title that was chosen. For example, if your list of rates includes both Fedex and UPS rates, once the order is placed the shipping method will be displayed as “UPS – Ground”
  5. Choose whether to use the default ordering (which will order by price within each carrier) or order all options by price with the Sort Shipping Methods based on Price option.


By enabling this feature you will not be able to:

  • Show Pickup Locations for this Carrier.
  • Show Calendar or Timeslots for this Carrier.
  • Show Freight Accessorial options for this Carrier.