Local Delivery Custom Carrier


This is a guide on how to set up Local Delivery in ShipperHQ. This scenario might come up if you want to make the local deliveries yourself instead of using a regular carrier.


  1. Set Up a Flat Rate or Table Rate Custom Carrier and go to Configure Carrier Settings located in the top right of the page
  2. In your Carrier Settings, under the Basic panel, set your Shipping Method Name (i.e. “Local Delivery”).
  3. Set the rate of your Local Delivery option. If using a Flat Rate Carrier, you’ll set the price of your method in the Basic panel. If you’re using a Table Rate Carrier, go to the Rates tab to set your rate.
  4. On the Basic panel, there is a Carrier Service Area dropdown where you can to set this carrier to only show for the area you deliver to locally. If you already have the Local Delivery Zone set up in ShipperHQ, it will appear in the dropdown list. If you need to add it, go to Shipping Zones under Shipping Rules in the side panel.

Save the Carrier. Now, Local Delivery with your set flat rate(s) will only apply when customers are in the defined Zone.

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