How to Restrict Certain Items to Ground Shipping Only


This explains how to set up a rule to restrict certain items to Ground only shipping. For example, a hazardous product.


This kind of rule can be set up 2 different ways: Carrier Rules against a Shipping Group, or restrict a Shipping Group directly.

OPTION A: Restrict shipping group only

  1. In the ShipperHQ dashboard, click on “Shipping Groups”
  2. Add a new one.
  3. Give the group a name. For example: GROUND_ONLY, or HAZARDOUS.
  4. If you only want the group to rate for a certain destination, select the Zone in “Restrict Destinations” panel. Otherwise skip.
  5. Under “Restrict Shipping Methods” panel, you will select your ground method.
  6. Save the group
Restrict Shipping Group to Ground only
Screenshot of Shipping Group settings

OPTION B: Set carrier rule to restrict a shipping group

Create a Shipping Group

  1. You will follow the steps above, but skip the “Restrict to Shipping Methods” section. Or, you can click on “Shipping Groups” on the left nav and add a new one.

Create the New Carrier Rule

    1. Click on “Carrier Rules” on the left nav, and then click “Add New +”.
    2. Enter a name for this rule, something like “Hide Air methods from Hazardous items”.
    3. In the “Applicable Shipping Methods” section, choose the shipping method that you want to apply the rule to. In this case, you will choose all Air methods.
    4. In the “Conditions” section, find the drop down called Includes one or more of these Shipping Group(s) and select the shipping group you created.
    5. In the “Actions” section, find the drop down called “Action to Perform” and choose “Hide Shipping Methods”
    6. Save the rule.

Assign Products to Shipping Group

When you’ve set up a Shipping Group, you always need to assign it to the necessary products in your eCommerce platform.