How to Restrict Shipping to A Certain Method When the Cart Products QTY is Over X Amount


This article covers how to hide some shipping methods when product quantity in the cart is a certain amount of items and above. I will be using “UPS” carrier and “UPS Ground”, “UPS Next Day Air” and other UPS methods, and also will use the 15 products as the starting QTY number for the products in the carts.


Please Note: I’m using UPS carrier and UPS shipping methods along side QTY 15 as examples here, this is something you can customize and adjust however you like.

To set this up, you will need a carrier rule and a filter. Follow the instructions below on how to accomplish this:

  1. Define a carrier rulename it however you want. I will be using “UPS 3 Day select when cart QTY is over 15 units”
  2. Within the rule you defined scroll down to “Applicable shipping methods” Select the method that you want to be hidden when the QTY is 15 or up. For example, if you don’t want “UPS Ground and “UPS 2nd Day Air” then select both of them and leave the ones that you want to show unselected. Please see attached screenshots. methods to hide.
  3. Scroll down to “Conditions”, Select ” Weight/Price/Quantity filters and choose “Add New” If you don’t have a filter defined, name the filter however you want and then set the Min and the Max, click on no “Max” If there isn’t any. We’re using 15 as the Min example here. QTY filter
  4. On the “Actions Panel”  > Actions to Perform  >> Select  “Hide Shipping methods”.

Once you accomplish this, the “UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air” will no longer show up when the QTY of the products in the cart is 15 and up.