Resolving “Manual Delete Required” When Synchronizing with Magento


When synchronizing your Magento site with ShipperHQ, you may see “MANUAL DELETE REQUIRED” as the Status for some items.


ShipperHQ shows this message if you delete or rename an item in ShipperHQ while it’s still assigned to products in Magento.

In order to avoid accidentally losing data, ShipperHQ will not automatically remove settings from your products in Magento. ShipperHQ automatically removes items which are not assigned to any products during synchronization.

This message is shown for any item which can be assigned to products. These include Shipping Groups, Origins, Boxes, Master Packing Boxes, and Dimensional Rule Groups.


If the change was accidental, recreating the item in ShipperHQ with the same name will resolve this issue.

On the other hand, if the change was intentional, you’ll need to manually remove the assignment from your products in Magento. You can remove the assignment by editing your products individually or in bulk. Or, you can manually delete the Attribute Value using the Magento Manage Attributes functionality. You’ll find this in Magento 1 under Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes in Magento 1, or in Magento 2 under Stores > Attribute > Product.

Once you’ve taken either of these steps, resynchronize with ShipperHQ from within Magento to resolve this message.

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