How to use Rate Shopping vs Sorting by Cheapest Rate


Merchants often want to sort their shipping rates from cheapest to most expensive. Other users would rather display the cheapest rate and not have the other rates displayed. This article should have all the information you need to discern the difference between the two.

Rate Shopping

When rate shopping is enabled, ShipperHQ can be told to display only the cheapest rate between 2 different methods. NOTE: This requires the Rate Shopping & Custom Method Names Advanced Feature.

For example: if you want to rate between UPS Ground vs. FedEx Ground and only show the cheapest of the 2, then you will use Rate Shopping for this. For this scenario, if UPS Ground were to be cheaper than FedEx Ground, then UPS Ground will show and not FedEx.

Check here for instructions to enable and set up Rate Shopping functionality.

The Rate Shopping functionality does not work alongside the Method Merging Rules functionality. You will need to use one or the other.

Sorting by Cheapest Rate

Alternative to Rate Shopping, you can tell ShipperHQ to sort methods in the cart/checkout by price, placing the cheapest at the top if you wish. This does not require an advanced feature.

To enable this, you will navigate to Carriers > Settings > in the popup, set “Display Rates under Generic Carrier” to YES (screenshot below). From there, you should see the dropdown for “Sort Shipping Methods based on Price”, allowing you to sort price based on ascending/descending order.

Set ShipperHQ to sort methods in the cart/checkout by price, placing the cheapest option at the top

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