Rate Shopping & Custom Method Names Advanced Feature


ShipperHQ’s Rate Shopping and Custom Method Name advanced feature allows for several, unique functions to further customize the shipping rates returned at checkout.

Outlined below is a brief description of the functions within this advanced feature and links to further configuration documentation.

Custom Method Names

Method naming is used to change the name of the Shipping Method in the checkout and cart. For Example, if you wanted to change the name of FedEx Ground to “Standard Shipping” this is done using Custom Method naming. Please see here for more details on how to enable and configure Custom Method Naming.

Rate Shopping

ShipperHQ’s Rate Shopping function allows merchants to compare rates between two or more shipping methods from two or more different carriers and display only the cheapest method to a customer.

This feature allows merchants to choose which methods to rate shop and merges them into one result to be displayed at checkout.

Please see our step by step guide for setting up the Rate Shopping feature for more information.

Carrier Prioritization

While Carrier Prioritization is not directly associated with the Rate Shopping and Custom Method Names advanced feature, we’ve added some general information here as the functionality might be a better fit for some merchants based on their shipping requirements.

This function provides merchants with the ability to prioritize which carriers are shown to customers at checkout.

When carrier prioritization is enabled, merchants have the ability to set up a secondary carrier that is only shown if their primary carrier doesn’t cover a particular region.

To learn more about this feature and to review detailed setup instructions, please visit our guide on How to Set Up Carrier Prioritization.

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