How to Offer Free Shipping With a Discount Code


This help guide outlines the process for offering ‘Free Shipping’ to customers in the cart and checkout when a discount code is entered.

ShipperHQ Dashboard

Live Rate Carrier Methods

The next step is to specify the Carrier(s)/Shipping Method which will be free when the coupon code is activated. If you edit the appropriate carrier in ShipperHQ and navigate to the “Optional” tab, you will see a section called Free Shipping Promotions which you allows you to select the method the coupon promotion will apply to. For example you may wish free shipping to apply to UPS Ground.

Custom Table Rate Carrier Methods

In Table Rates carriers, navigate to Carriers > desired CarrierĀ  > Basic(tab) >” Shipping Methods” > click edit on the desired method and tick “Free Method for Shipping Promotion Rules” then click update.

Using Promotions in Magento 1/2

Magento 1 Admin

You will need to set up a Promotional Rule underĀ Promotions>Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Here are a couple of screenshots to show how the coupon code configuration should look to achieve free shipping:

Magento 2 Admin

You will need to set up a promotional rule in Marketing -> Cart Price Rules

Here are a couple of screenshots to show how the coupon code configuration should look to achieve free shipping (click on the picture for a larger version):

Free Shipping M2 (1 of 2) Free Shipping M2 (2 of 2)


In some circumstances, such as when a coupon code is to be applied, you may also want to filter by attributesĀ (for example, the origin) when using promo rules. For most circumstances, however, shipping rules can be created to provide free shipping based on combinations of origins, weights, prices, etc.

For this you will need to navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes > (attribute name) then, in the properties tab, set “Use for Promo Rule Conditions” to “Yes” and save.

You will then be able to select that attribute as a condition within the promo rule configuration.


ERROR: “ShipperHQ shipping methods are missing within the promotional rules”

This means you need to refresh the available carriers:

Magento 1

  1. Navigate to System->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Methods->ShipperHQ
  2. Click the Refresh Shipping Methods button under the advanced section
  3. You should see a message saying X number of carriers have been saved

Magento 2

  1. Navigate to Stores->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Methods->ShipperHQ and resave this page.
  2. Get a shipping rate on the front end.

Using Promotions on Other Platforms


You can create free shipping discount codes within Shopify using the instructions provided by the platform, but Free Shipping codes used in Shopify will override all of the shipping rates returned by ShipperHQ. See attached screenshot on what Shopify discount code would do to ShipperHQ methods:


Support for coupon codes is now available for BigCommerce using the new, ShipperHQ Plus app that is currently in Beta.

If you would like to participate in the Beta phase of ShipperHQ Plus for BigCommerce, please contact us or email

Please see our step by step instructions for using coupon codes with ShipperHQ Plus!.


ShipperHQ for WooCommerce does not currently support free shipping promotions to apply upon ShipperHQ methods. If you create a promotion code for Free Shipping to be used with your WooCommerce checkout, it will not interact with our methods in anyway.

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