Migrating platforms


When migrating platforms the question is often can you use the existing account and link it into the platform you migrating to and the answer here is that this isn’t possible as each of the platform integrates differently so lets say that you migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce or vice versa then you’ll need to signup for a new account which will be tied to your account within the platform itself.

The case is different with Magento, WooCommerce, Zoey, and SalesForce as these platforms don’t integrate directly from within but rather link up to ShipperHQ using an API key and an authentication code.

Steps for migrating from one platform to the other

1- Sign up for a new ShipperHQ account for the platform you’re migrating to.

2- Reachout to admin@shipperhq.com so that your billing is transferred to the new account.

3- You can follow the instructions on this document to move configurations from the existing ShipperHQ account to the new account.

4- If you would like us to perform moving the configurations from the existing account to the new account then reachout to sales@shipperhq.com and we’ll provide you with a quote and time frame for completion.

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