How to Migrate Platforms


Migrating and link an existing ShipperHQ account from one platform to another is not possible as each platform integrates differently. As a result, you must signup for a new account if you wish to migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce or vice versa in order to link your account within the platform itself.

The case is different with Magento, WooCommerce, Zoey, and SalesForce as these platforms don’t integrate directly from within, but rather link up to ShipperHQ using an API key and an authentication code.

Steps to migrate from one platform to another

  1. Sign up for a new ShipperHQ account using the new platform.
  2. Contact to have our associates transfer your billing to the new account.
  3. Use the instructions found in the Duplicating a Scope Configuration and Copying to Another guide to move your existing configurations to your new ShipperHQ account.
If you would like for us to move your existing configurations to your new account, contact to have our associates provide you with a quote and time frame for completion.

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