Matrixrates: Filtering on Weight/Price/Quantity

Rule Explanation

You can filter on the subtotal weight, price or quantity of the products in the cart using numerical ranges.

The extension is agnostic to the unit of measurement. So, if you set your products up to use lb (pounds) then it will use lb or, if you set up to use grams, it will use grams; its just looking at numerical ranges.

Note that you cannot use an empty field, a weight/price/quantity value must be specified. E.g.:  weight from 0 and weight to 10000.00. You can use an asterisk (*) to denote a weight/price/quantity value from -1 (which includes 0) or a weight/price/quantity to value with no maximum.

I.E.: “Price from” * refers to any price below the “price to” column. “Price to” * refers to any price above the “Price from” column and an asterisk (*) in both columns means any price at all.


When using ranges Matrixrates uses “greater than” and “less than or equal to” respectively:

Ranges Example Description
weight >,weight<= weight >100,weight <=200 Weight is greater than 100lb and less than or equal to 200lb
price >, price <= price > 0, price <= 500 Price is greater than 0 and less than or equal to $500
qty >, qty <= qty > 5, qty <= 20 Quantity is greater than 5 and less than or equal to 20

Note that overlapping rules will cause discrepancies. So, a range of 0-100 followed by 100-150 will overlap or 0-100 and 80-170. These will need to be adjusted so that they do not overlap if the shipping method names are the same between the rules (0-100 for “Standard” and 80-170 for “Next day” are fine because they are different rules for different shipping methods).

Quick Examples

You may have the following types of rules:

  1. Cart Weight >500lb and <=1000lb costs $50
  2. Cart Weight <10lb costs $4.95
  3. Cart Weight >10000lb costs $0.00
  4. Bed Weight > 100lb costs $100



You can find examples for each of the filtering rules on the Matrixrates Examples page.


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