How to add non-US PO Box Zone


Say you want to set rules against PO Box destinations outside of the US (i.e. Canada). This is easy to add for any country that follows similar address for PO Boxes as the US.

NOTE: This is currently only supported for countries that follow similar PO Box address format as the US.


  1. Go to “Zones” in the lefthand navigation
  2. Locate the “US POBox” zone in the list > press the duplicate icon on the right-hand side ( )
  3. Confirm you would like to duplicate the zone.
  4. In the settings, rename the Zone from “US POBox (copy)” to something relevant. (i.e. Canada POBox)
  5. In the Zone Conditions, change the country to your desired Country. In our case, Canada
  6. Save the Zone

Now, you can attach that Zone to any needed Carrier Rules or Rates, and then test the PO Box address in the cart.

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