Enabling the City Field on Cart Estimator


Certain carriers require a City field to be passed in order for rates to be returned.

When To Add City Field

Adding City Field – BigCommerce

Use this article from BigCommerce where they describe the steps needed to include this. Without this field being sent, the Estimate Shipping button on the cart page will not return any quotes.

Adding City Field – Magento

To show the city field in the cart estimator by default:

  1. In ShipperHQ, open the freight carrier configuration
  2. On the Basics panel, scroll to the Account Settings section and ensure the checkbox ‘City enabled in Cart by Default’ is checkedLocation to enable city based cart estimations on Magento store. This option is available under Basic tab of the carrier configuration.
  3. On your Magento platform, perform a synchronization to update your Magento configuration settings
  4. On Magento 2 ensure module-option is installed

You should now see the city field on your cart shipping estimate section.

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