How to Apply a Different Set of Rating Rules to One Group of Products


This guide goes through how to apply a different set of rating rules to one group of products than another. An example is if you sell Bikes and Bike Accessories and offer shipping at a flat rate of $20 for each Bike purchased while your accessories will use UPS rates instead of flat rates.



  1. Enable Multi Origin & Drop Shipping under “Features” in the lefthand navigation. This activates the features required to set up this configuration.
  2. Click on “Shipping Groups” on the navbar and +Add New.
  3. In the Basic panel, give the group a name. We’ll call this “Bikes” for this example, since these are the products we’ll be rating differently.
  4. In the Advanced panel on your new Shipping Group, check the box for Rate Products in this Group as a Separate Shipment. This will split these products into a separate shipment when rating.
  5. Save your Shipping Group.
  6. Next, go to Shipping Rules and click the +New button
  7. On the Basic tab, give a name to the rule (i.e “Set Bikes to $20 shipping”)
  8. Under the Shipping Method section, Add UPS Ground under the Live Shipping Methods Assigned section
  9. Actions panel under the “Actions to Perform”, ensure that I want to… is set to “Modify the Price of my selected Shipping Methods” and In Order to… is set to “Override Rates”, “By a Flat Rate” and set the flat rate to 20. Then under And Apply This Rate… dropdown to “Per Shipping Group” or “Per Each Item in Shipping Group”
  10. Conditions panel, select your “Bikes” shipping group under the Shipping Group(s) Includes ALL dropdown
  11. Save and test your Shipping Rule

With this configuration, products which are assigned to the “Bikes” shipping group in your eCommerce platform will be rated with a flat $20 per item from that shipping group. All other products will be rated using the standard UPS rating.

Platform Settings

Depending on your eCommerce platform, you may see products shown as a separate group in checkout with separate shipping options. This is controlled by the Show Merged Rates option available by clicking the “Origins Settings” link in the top right corner of the Origins page. On platforms which do not support displaying split shipments, these options will not be available and only one set of options will be shown. The rates for this set of options will be the sum of the rating for both “shipments” defined above. For example, if the accessory products in the cart cost $12.50 to ship and there is one Bike in the cart, the total shown for UPS Ground will be $32.50.

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