What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ is a highly flexible carrier agnostic rating focused solution for eCommerce.  Thats a mouthful!

So what is it really? Well here is our take.


ShipperHQ sits in the cart/checkout and provides capabilities to allow you to setup your shipping rates for your website.  Sounds simple, but within this we support such features as:

  • Multi-origin
  • Time in Transit (Dates/Days/Calendar)
  • Store Pickup
  • Dimensional Shipping
  • Restrictions/Surcharges/Discounts on live carrier rates
  • Offline rate rule engine for custom rates
  • etc

There are not many features around the checkout that we do not support when it comes to shipping rating.

Address Verification

ShipperHQ on Magento gives you the ability to verify addresses in the checkout and flag to a user (and in your admin) when the address cannot be validated. This can vastly improve your workflow post-order and reduce the fines imposed for invalid addresses.


ShipperHQ currently is not focused in labelling.  We do not replace you current labelling solution.

We do have an api to enable label creation, and we do have limited labelling for some carriers within some of the eCommerce platforms (currently Magento).