Troubleshooting Matrixrates

No Shipping Methods are Available

By default no error message is displayed when shipping methods/rates are not available. To enable this, set “Show Method if Not Applicable” to “Yes” in Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Matrix Rate then, when no methods/rates are available, the text from the “Displayed Error Message” field will be displayed.

  1. Your CSV file is corrupt and has not uploaded.
    To check the file has uploaded look at the database table webshopapps_matrixrate and ensure it is populated. Check to ensure that the CSV is formatted correctly.
  2. You have a scenario in your cart that isn’t catered for in the CSV file.
    Check you CSV file to ensure it makes sense. Remember the item from field is a ‘greater than’ field so putting ‘1’ in that field is usually incorrect. You should use an asterisk ‘*’.
  3. Simplify your CSV.
    Cut down the quantity of rules until you are able to receive rates then gradually add rules again until no rates are returned. This is usually the best guideline for determining the cause for rates not being returned. Try the examples pages as well to see if there are any notable differences in the rules.
  4. Check your weights/prices/quantities in your CSV file are valid for the products you have in your cart.
    Remember: the extension does not look at units of measurement so if you have a product that is 5grams (entered 5 in weight) and in your CSV file you have entered 5 meaning kilos; the extension does not know this, it is only looking at the number.
  5. Ensure that all products have a weight.
    This is a requirement of Magento, rather than the shipping extensions. Ideally, the weight should be greater than 0 to avoid discrepancies – even a weight of 0.001 will suffice. Also, a weight of 0 will not be picked up by the CSV when defining a weight of 0 in the “weight >” column as it will be looking for a weight greater than 0.

CSV Not Uploading Successfully

  1. Ensure that the CSV is formatted correctly.
  2. If you are receiving an error regarding The file "/var/tmp/..." doesn't exist this is a fault within the PHP configuration regarding the file import functions. This will need to be raised with your developer or hosting provider.
  3. 0 Rows imported. See the article from #1 as this is caused by the file format.
  4. When working with large CSV files ensure that the server is configured to accommodate large files.
    There are two approaches to this – you either need to contact your hosting company and have them make the below changes or, if you’re familiar with server configuration, make them yourself. It’s worth making a backup of this file before you do anything else.The file you need to change is php.ini. Its location depends on your operating system. In a lot of Linux environments it’s found in /etc/php.ini but if you’re unsure Google has many results for this. The values that need to be changed are:


    Change these to a higher value. If your CSV file is 20MB then change both to around 30M (not MB!) to ensure that it uploads correctly.

State/Region Code Invalid

The “State/Region” column from the CSV uses the region codes defined within Magento. These are defined in the directory_country_region database table, which is core Magento functionality. The state/region codes defined in the Matrixrates CSV must be present in that table for the CSV to upload successfully.

Your developer can assist with adding new region/state codes if they are not already defined.


The most common issue with installing any extension is that the permissions are not set correctly. See the official Pre-installation Ownership and Permissions guide for recommended permissions.

If you have issues with installing by Composer try the manual installation guide, both of which are documented on the Installation guide page. Even if you prefer to use Composer, installing the extension manually may highlight other possible causes, such as the file permissions, as above.

Base Table or View Not Found

This means that the SQL has failed to run during the install. Please see this document for steps to resolve this issue.

Further Reading

Check on the public Github repo for issues that have been raised. Incompatibilities, unsupported features and bug fixes are reported there. Under most circumstances, if there is an issue caused by a bug within Magento or if there has been a change made to the extension updating to the latest version of Magento and/or the extension should resolve.

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